Tecumseh is a Proud Member and Supporter of ASERCOM

Tecumseh Products Company is a long standing and active member of ASERCOM, the association which serves the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry and its customers.

October 11, 2016

The association is the industry’s “platform for dealing with scientific and technical topics and their challenges, promoting standards for performance ratings, methods of testing and product safety and, a focus on improved environmental protection.” (1)

Using common test methods, products certified by ASERCOM provide reliable performance data which are presented in a comparable manner to optimize product comparison and selection.”(2)

ASERCOM Association Key Features and Benefits of ASERCOM Certification Program

  • Seven (7) compressor manufacturers are members
  • Product Performance (cooling capacity, power input, efficiency) are certified by several laboratories
  • Over 550 compressor models are certified by ASERCOM with 200 compressors data sets being checked per year
  • Easily comparable data from different manufacturers thanks to common rating conditions: EN12900 for compressors and EN13215 for condensing units
  • Since the end of 2014, the program includes condensing units
  • Condensing units compliance with Ecodesign Regulation ErP (Energy related Products) and MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standard)

Tecumseh ASERCOM certified products and performance
  • 133 compressor models certified in positive and negative temperature applications
  • Currently 16 condensing unit models with performance certifications including, AE² and SILENSYS® models
  • 9 different refrigerants, including R290, R1234yf, R452A and R449A